What You Have To Know About Sprinkler Systems 

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If you have a garden or lawn, then installing a sprinkler system is a necessity. This is one home improvement projects that will actually make your life so much easier. With a sprinkler system in place, you no longer have to manually water the grass, flower beds, and plants. Now, you can do some much more with your time.

Sprinkler systems automate the entire process of watering lawn. It also eliminates the problem of your yard not getting the right amount of water that it needs. Using an oscillator or a hand watering system simply takes more time and wastes water. Worse, it leaves certain areas of your lawn either under-watered or over-watered. If you use any of these two systems, only about 60% of the water sprayed on your lawn is utilized properly. Only a correctly designed and installed sprinkler system can address all of these concerns.

How Does a Sprinkler System Work?

A sprinkler system is made of only a few main components. First, it has an electronic controller that serves as its brain. It has a computerized timer that tells the system which sprinkler heads have to turn on and for how long. The controller is connected to several valves that control the flow of water. The water valves are tied directly into the system and they act like faucets that turn on and off as programmed.

The valves feed water into the rest of the system. This brings us to its other essential components, which are the undersurface pipes. These pipes lead to the sprinkler heads, which are placed near the ground level when not in use but pops out when water pressure fills the pipes.

How to Install a Sprinkler System

There are some do-it-yourself sprinkler systems and kits available on the market. However, a properly designed, installed and maintained sprinkler system may be a little too hard to find. If you don’t know the first thing about sprinkler systems, then it is best to delegate the job to a professional.

Sprinkler installation is actually more complicated than it seems. Aside from the ability and expertise required, there are local regulations and specifications that have to be met as well. In some areas, permits are even required. That, along with all the technicalities involved with installing sprinklers systems will only blow the mind of a regular homeowner.

How to Hire a Sprinkler System Installer

To find a qualified, professional sprinkler system contractor, do a quick search of reputable landscaping companies in your area. Call them up and set up a consultation or request for a free quote. That way, they’ll come over to your home and that’s your chance to ask all the questions that you have in your mind.

Additionally, the contractor should analyze everything about your lawn, from the soil conditions to the areas that get the most sunshine or the most shade. Even the slope of your property should be considered as well as the different types of landscaping that you have installed. The contractor should be able to plan and design an efficient system that would benefit every plant on your lawn.

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