Tips on Looking for Residential Irrigation Contractor

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Many homeowners that put the job of residential irrigation in the hands of landscapers. You can find many companies that have expertise in the job and can do not just the installation but as well as the maintenance.

However, finding a contractor for the job can be difficult. Many things should be considered, and the choices can be overwhelming. To help you with the task, below are some tips on how you can find a contractor to install the irrigation. So, let’s get started.

1. Ask for Reference Before You Go Outside

The best residential irrigation contractor often comes by people who referred them. Maybe it is best when your first step is to go out and ask people you know such as friends, relatives, neighbors, family or even co-workers. You can list down their recommendation so you can investigate later and see if they fit your taste. You will do a little research about the background of each company referred to you. You can visit their website or social media accounts to get a glimpse of their company.

2. Create a Plan and Notes

You need to know what needs to be done and put a project plan to start with. Your plan should contain the list of tasks, materials to use, labors, charge for each contractor and the prices. Document the necessary things and make sure it is detailed.

3. Ask for Quotation

Once you have finished documenting your plan, you can start now by asking a few quotes from the list of reference you gathered. Let them know that you are scouting around. This will make them give a competitive quote. But remember, don’t be deceive on cheap quotes. Do not forget that you get what you pay for. You don’t want a contractor that does not work well, you want someone who will take time to give solutions to you and provide value to your irrigation.

4. Check Certificates and Credentials

You can check the “About Us” page of the website and then do some little research just to make sure that you are hiring someone who really says who they are. Make sure that the contractor is licensed to do the work. It is required by law. Insurance is also important. Before you sign a contract to the company, see if they have liability insurance. This is your protection in case there are damages, injuries and health risk involve while working. Lastly, read reviews about the company. Make sure they don’t have a complaint filed in the Better Business Bureau on the company. There is local listing where you can read those reviews and ratings.

5. Ask Questions

In this kind of job, there is a number of permits that need to be obtained. Ask if they have complete papers. Also, make sure that they will only work with quality. You need to ask about the drawings, checklists they have and many more. You need to make sure your payment gets a job well done in the end.

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