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How Should We Trim Our Trees Properly?

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1. First, in trimming trees we need to make sure that we are doing it right because if ever we are not trained especially the basics of training trees. It can be dangerous for us or for other people especially when we are handling heavy pieces of equipment it is just important to know how to use it safely and also when we are climbing up branches or ladders.

2. It is important that we are equipped. For our safety, it is important that we use safety helmets, boots, gears, gloves, etc so that we get away with cuts and wounds especially when we are handling heavy pieces of equipment and for example, if a tree fall or branch fall on us.

3. You need to use vehicles that can help you cut or climb trees that can be rented but that can cost you money for renting and also the energy. That is why Tree Trimming Houston offers a different kind of tree services so that it can be more convenient for you.

4. Assess and inspect the area before trimming, for example, there are structures, cars, or post that can be hit by branches when it falls. It is important to check for the safety of your surroundings before starting the process. It is also important to check for branches that are weak and dead because holding on to it or climbing on to it can cause injuries or accidents.

5. Put clear signs or marks that you are doing something so that people won’t go near the area for their safety falling branches can cause injuries and it is totally dangerous if it hits your head.

Inspect tree and branches make sure to remove all the dead and diseases tree so that it won’t damage your tree and provide healthy growth also for your lawn

  • Don’ts is trimming a tree
  • Do not hold on, step or climb on a weak, dead, or rotten branch for support
  • Do not tie a rope on a weak or dead branch for support
  • Do not trim trees if it is the rainy season
  • Do not trim trees if its winter or too icy to avoid slipping
  • Do not trim trees if it is too windy or if there is an upcoming calamity
  • Do not leave your job unfinished and unattended to avoid danger
  • Do not carry sharp and heavy materials up with you in a tree
  • Do not do it on your own especially if the tree is too big and hard to reach
  • Do not start if you are not prepared and equipped
  • Do not go near power lines to avoid being electrocuted


It is important to hire somebody professional especially when the tree is too tall, big, and dangerous for your safety and your surroundings. Hiring somebody is affordable and convenient for you. You don’t need to waste your time, energy and money in renting and using heavy pieces of equipment when you hire someone that is trained to do the job.

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